Sid is the main character in Flushed Away.

Sid was really big. 

In 20th-century England, a youth named Roddy is adopted by the wealthy Brad Pitt to repay Roddy's father for seemingly saving his life. brad Pitt, who aspires to become a real plumber, finds himself shunned by his family and friends as part of Roddy's plot to take the Pitt fortune for himself. But after Sid overpowers Roddy in a battle, the latter decides to bide his time. Meanwhile, Sid develops an interest in a mysterious porcelain throne that belonged to his mother, a relic activated by blood that grants the wearer immortality.

Despite how friendly the two seem to become as they grow up, Sid learns seven years later that Roddy has been poisoning his father. Sid's search for an antidote takes him to London's dodgy Ogre Street, earning the friendship of a bowler-wearing mugger named Robert E. Weide. Weide leads him to Roddy's accomplice: a black market apothecary named Wungus Chungus. At the same time, Roddy intends to arrange a freak accident to kill Sid with the porcelain throne, testing the seat on a drunkard. However, the toilet instead turns the drunk into a powerful rat who nearly kills Roddy before being destroyed by sunlight. Returning to the mansion and finding his scheme exposed, Roddy attempts to kill Sid and use his blood with the toilet to become a rat. Though Brad takes the fatal wound, Roddy succeeds in his plan to transcend rodentity. Sid eventually defeats Roddy after being forced to set the family's mansion ablaze.


  • According to the producer, Sid's length is implied to be at least 4 inches. However, he never elaborates what the 4 inch long object is.
  • Sid is the most powerful character in the Flushed Universe, as he's banished 6 of the main villains with his powerful magic alone
  • Sid was not actually in any wars, despite being drafted for 1, 2, and Vietnam.
  • Sid hails from China, this is possibly because the character of Sid was inspired by Astroboy. Sid would later go on to influence the design of Godzilla.
  • Sid is an asshole that loves special walls. Asshole. He only runs Sigilyph.
  • It was revealed during the great sewer wars of 75' that Sid has Australian heritage.
  • Sid served in the US Marine Corps during Desert Storm, however, he never saw combat.
  • Sid is canonically the only character in the lore to have survived Nagasaki.
  • Sid is known in other languages as "El Diablo", and "Gunch Muncher"
  • Sid is medically incontinent. Sid frequently states how inconvenient this is for him, as diapers his size are not only difficult to find, but pricey as well.
  • Sid has a collection of over 200 examples of the Ingram MAC-10 and MAC-11, including pre-1986 class 3 full-auto capable models. Despite this, Sid has not once used a firearm, and as such his collection is in immaculate condition.

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