The Toad
The Toad
Gender: Male
Family: Le Frog (cousin)
Prince Charles (former owner)
Voiced by: Ian McKellen

The Toad is the main antagonist of Flushed Away. He is Roddy's arch-nemesis and the henchrats (including Spike and Whitey)'s leader and boss and Le Frog's leader, boss, and older cousin.



Flushed Away The Toad and Young Prince Charles

The Toad with young Prince Charles

Of all the pets in Buckingham Palace, Young Prince Charles loved the Toad more and became extremely attached to him. They would frolic day-after-sunny-day, sharing the relationship between boy and toad. However, when Charles got a new pet rat, he and the Toad were separated.

One day, at a play, as Charles was playing with the rat, one of the guards found the Toad backstage and flushed him down the toilet (which the Toad calls a "whirlpool of despair").

Since then, the Toad hates all rodents. The Toad's deep hatred for rats motivates his evil plan for the sewer: Wash away the rats in a Great Flood and repopulate the sewer with an army of his tadpole offspring.

In Flushed AwayEdit

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In Flushed Away: The Video GameEdit

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The Toad is an evil, mean, pompous, greedy, selfish, short-tempered, easily frustrated, and aristocratic amphibian.

He despises his henchrats, especially Spike and Whitey, and only uses them to assist him in his plans. When the henchrats fail, he usually calls on Le Frog and his henchfrogs to help him.


The Toad is an obese green toad who wears a purple tuxedo, a pink shirt, a yellow tie (sometimes with a big tan wool jacket over his suit), and brown old shoes. He usually wears a very chic robe with purple pants and red slippers (similar to his shoes).


  • The Toad is somewhat similar to Hopper from A Bug's Life.
  • The Toad is voiced by Ian McKellen while Roddy is voiced by Hugh Jackman in the film, which is an allusion to the X-Men films, implying that Jackman and McKellen portrayed Magneto and Wolverine and Wolverine's classic costume cameos in the film as one of the clothes in Roddy's wardrobe.


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